• Sales on credit?
  • Export without risk?
  • Overdue receivables?
  • Bad debtors?
  • Cash flow financing?
  • Surety bonds for public procurement?

Credit reports

Our reports give you information on current and future trading partners, their creditworthiness, financial and market assessment, as well as a recommended maximum credit limit. We offer both reports of your risky clients, as well as the analysis and rating of your entire client portfolio as well as the opportunity for monthly monitoring for certain companies.


  •              Sixteen years of experience in collecting and analyzing credit information.
  •              Attention to details and in-depth financial research.
  •              Our contacts with all major banks, insurers, and collection agencies enable us to provide the best credit reports with regard to information about bad debtors.
  •              We save your time and money by collecting in one product all information from the Trade Register, the Real Estate Register, the State Gazette, the NSI, the press, the banks, the collection agencies as well as unofficial information about the companies in Bulgaria, accumulated for years by our experienced specialists in the analysis and insurance of credit risk.