• Sales on credit?
  • Export without risk?
  • Overdue receivables?
  • Bad debtors?
  • Cash flow financing?
  • Surety bonds for public procurement?


Surety bond is:

• A contract between three parties— the Principal (you), the Surety (insurance company) and the Obligee (the entity requiring the bond - municipality, ministry, state agency, operational program etc.) — in which the surety financially guarantees to an obligee that the principal will act in accordance with the terms established by the bond.

 • A form of collateral on EU public procurement contracts and operational programs

 • An alternative of the Bank Guarantee - does not block cash and does not impose distraints on Contractor assets


 We offer:

•  Choice between surety bonds of licensed local and international insurers, which guarantees you the best possible price and general conditions.

• We are at your side throughout the whole process - analyzing and consulting your about the product, negotiating the best terms for your bond, signing and operating the policy.

 We work actively with the contracting authorities (municipalities, ministries, operational programs, state agencies, etc.) and we coordinate with them the wording of the policies.

•  We save time by doing the administrative work.

•  Our service is free of charge for the Principal (you).